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Restoring email deleted from enterprise vault archive with Backup Exec

Created: 20 Juillet 2012 • Updated: 24 Oct. 2012 | 8 comments
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Do any of you have know how you can restore a singel email thats deleted from the enterprise vault archive with backup Exec?

Backup Exec is doing full backup on the server and on the enterprise vault directory. My problem is finding out how i can restore a singel email from that backup.

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You can't do a granular restore if that's what you are asking. It's not Backup Exec, in fact it's not to do with backup. It's how EV work. You have to restore the entire Vault Store DB and the vault store partitions and indexes for your EV environment regardless of a single email, single archive or multiple archive deletion. Best to restore them in your DR environment as you don't want to overwrite your production. Once You have your DR up and restored using Backup Exec, you can export the users archive and search gor the individual emails.

You can find EV DR detail guides on your EV server. Depending on how important that email is, or should should think about disable users ability to delete archived messages.

Hope that helps.

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Just curious do you have email journaling or journal archiving? I suspect you don't, just thought I'd ask anyway.

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Thats what i thought, its kinda hard way to do it. But the user cant delete mails from archive anyway.

I only use email archiving. 

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Ok...if you want flush old EV data, then use storage expiry, this will use you EV retention category. But if your EV ret cat is keep forever then you need to keep buying more disk storage!!! :-)

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As for now i only use Exchange archiving, and the users is able to delete archived email, i only archive items older than 6 months. Retention category is forver atm. But as ive heard journaling makes it easier to recover a single email? is this true?

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you could enable the dumpster from now on and if a user has deleted an email within X amount of days, you can set it to be recovered.

If somehow you knew the act files that got deleted (the DVS/DVSSP/DVSCC) you could restore those items and then run EVSVR to put it back in to the database, but that would be difficult at best

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Hey OP.

Would you mind flagging the solution that helped you here or posting how you resolved it if none of the above did it.

it helps to ensure that people who want to contribute can contribute to a thread that needs it. Many thanks.


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Hi. I'm new here and learning about EV.

I have a costumer that wants to backup an old storage vault and then get some free space in his storage.

I want to know if it´s possible after this backup, make a granular restore from a e-mail of a user.

I´ve read this topic and seems like it´s impossible to do. Not even with Netbackup?

Tks for the help...