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Restoring individual files/folders from a VM

Created: 05 Oct. 2012 • Updated: 09 Oct. 2012 | 2 comments
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Everything I have read and seen says the wrst thing we could do is backup the vm like they were physical servers.  That being said I have done that and it works, but it is not the long term solution to my problem.This is all that I see.  Right now I only have 1 vm running in my cluster.  Raisers Edge is the name of the vm that I am trying to recover files from.  I can restore the entire VM and I can restor the vhds.  But I have nothing at the file or folder level inside the vm.

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You are selecting the cluster for restore that is why you cannot restore individual files/folders.  Go back one screen and look at your list of servers.  You should see Raisers Edge.  Select and expand Raisers Edge.  You would then be able to see the files/folders.

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I figured it our right before your post.  I knew it had to be in there somewhere.