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robotic arm is not functioning.

Created: 17 Sept 2012 • Updated: 17 Sept 2012 | 6 comments
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My robotic arm is not functioning.What will happen in this case?

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l'image des Mouse

NBU will down all drives eventually and that's it

l'image des AmolB

Without the autoloader (arm) how are you going to move the tapes from the slot to the drive and vice

versa. Once the arm is down the drives will be down and so will be your library.

l'image des NIKHIL2346565959

So when library goes down,it means my arm is not functioning?

l'image des Mouse

Not necessary. You need to verify this using tape library diagnostic tools, NBU just sends SCSI commands to control library, if it can't execute command NBU marks the resource as down. Why this happens is another question - related to driver/os/cables/zoning/tape/robot or even something else.

l'image des Marianne

Another 'Lets Suppose' question?

Please note Nikhil has not posted any real error message...

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