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RSS Issues on forums

Created: 07 Nov. 2012 • Updated: 09 Nov. 2012 | 4 comments
l'image des CraigV
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There seems to be an RSS issue on the forums. When I click on the RSS link, it gives an XML error, never loading the feed.

I am using IE 9...


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l'image des Kevin

Hi Craig,

Have you always had this issue with IE9? or is this a new error?

Can you provide a link to the RSS feed that is giving you trouble?


l'image des CraigV

Hi Kevin,

Nope, new since today on my side at least. It's happening in everything I check...


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l'image des Kevin


We made a change to our XML Sitemap functionality this morning.

Probably not related but can you check and see if your issue persists?


l'image des CraigV

...looks like it is a problem with useless Internet Explorer on my side. Firefox works like a charm!

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