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SEERemovableStorageAccessUtility won't start. "Parameter Error"?

Created: 23 Avr. 2013 • Updated: 24 Avr. 2013 | 1 commentaire

Hello everybody,

 I'm having a problem that's been bothering for a while now with the Symantec Endpoint Encryption. When I try to run the program it just won't start. I keep getting this "Incorrect Parameter"messege over and over again everytime I click on it.


 And that error messege box just keeps popping, no matter how many times I try to close it, it just keeps popping. The only way to stop it is removing my pen drive, plus: If I don't do that quick, my notebook shuts down.

  What do I do? I've tried everything, I've looked on the internet, on many foruns, nothing seems to work. And I can't open the files supported by SEE anymore, most of them are now XML files or blank files. I can't open ANY file

 Can anybody help me please?

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Do you still have access to a machine that has the SEE-Removable Storage client on it?

I'd recommend using that to decrypt and save the files before wiping the USB stick and putting the SEE Removable Storage Access Utility back on.

Also, what version of SEE are you using?  There've been quite a few fixes: