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Services Crashing

Created: 07 Fév. 2005 • Updated: 22 Mai 2010 | 3 comments

Replaced 2 clients main servers with p4/windows 2k3/backup exec 9 last January.
Both are 1 server operations with no agents/network backup needed.

The smaller client worked for a few months then had nothing but problems, the services would just simply crash and the message was that the backup failed due to CRC.
Cannot look at logs because the service that makes em wasnt running.

Tried a format of their server, start all over, and completely updated everything. It worked for about 3 weeks then started failing, then it was that I could get 2-3 backups everytime i rebooted. Finally tried switching out their tape drive as a last-ditch effort, and its been working for about a month since, problem 'solved'

Now the other client is doing the same thing!
There are no patches on this client, most of the information regarding the patches Ive seen have nothing to do with either clients needs.

Still, this cant stay this way, this second client is constantly needing their backups because they delete things. I can get more info from the clients if its needed, let me know.

Any help much appreciated.

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Wondering if anyone from veritas actually reads these. If the level of tech support is to ignore problems I definately wont be comming back. I far prefer your product to your competitor, but they give great support.

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Try applying service pack 1. You can download it from the following link:

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Assuming the solution provided is correct. Also, there is no response from the customer within 2 days from the last reply by Veritas