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SEV Requirement advice

Created: 19 Sept 2012 • Updated: 16 Oct. 2012 | 4 comments
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Hi Experts,

In our company we are going to implement Symantec Enterprise Vault for file archiving and deduplication purposes. Our acutal total system size is 11TB but actual usage of total file size is only 7TB. So how many license for SEV that we need to purchase? Is there any limitation for SEV licensing with file size?

What we are concern here is if we purchase for 7 licenses ( 7TB) the rest 3TB will be wasted and affected in anyway.


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You need to contact the Sales department or a Partner. Do you have an account manager yet, you need to speak to this person if you have? EV license is a very confusing/complex topic, as far as I know there is no limit to the amount file (size) for file system archiving, for mailbox archiving it's charged per active mailbox.

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If you are licensing FSA on a capacity basis, you license for the amount of files that are to be archived, not for the total amount of files in your estate. If you want to archive all 7TB, then you will need 7TB of licenses. If you only want to archive 4TB out of the 7TB, then you need 4TB of license. Remember to factor in how much you are likely to archive in the next 12 months as well as for what you will archive initially.


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Thanks guys for your good advice. Just wondering whether SEV have kind of policy to restrict those data beyond 7TB extra if we purchase 7TB for now. So I think best to recommend at least 8TB or 9TB calculation estimate as I will not known exactly usage incresement during next 12 months. This SEV is intending for File server and Sharepoint only. No exchange server data is not included for info. Thanks a lot.


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We do not do capacity enforcement within the product, it is only enforced on an "honor" basis. So if you bought 7TB today, and did archive 9TB in the next 12 months, then the archiving would happen OK. However, you would need to "true-up" licenses as soon as you could.