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Some options BE12

Created: 22 Nov. 2012 | 2 comments
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HP MSL4048 1Drv Ultrium 3280 LTO5 8 Gb FC (BL532A),Number of drives=1 D2D4106fc Backup System with 6 TB (12x500GB) of disk storage (EH998B),VM on the HP EVA 6300, HP EVA 6500 which connect on SAN to hypervisor,all devices connect through the SAN FibreChanel.So the question NDMP Option need or not?, ENTERPRISE SERVER OPTION to connect by the Fiber Channel need or not?

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Why do you want to use NDMP?

A virtualized Backup Exec media server isn't going to be supported by Symantec, so you need a physical server.

The rest of the details are way too thin. What do you want to backup? How do you want to backup? What's on both P6000 EVAs? Are you backing up to disk and then duplicating to tape?

More information ALWAYS helps, and I've mentioned this need to give more of an idea of what your environment looks like instead of the end solution hardware you already have.

To use SAN SSO you would need the ESO license so at least I can answer that!


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