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space in passphrase

Created: 20 Janv. 2013 | 3 comments
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Dear Experts!

I just have a short question, in pgp desktop version 10.2.1 integrated with LDAP (user comes from AD). I just recognized when we are useing whole disk endcription at the boot screen we can use a password what contains space. If i thing rihgt it isn't allowed to use space in password?

Thanks for your answer!

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They're now called "Passphrases" as opposed to passwords because they can literally be sentences with spaces, a space is a character so yes spaces are allowed

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l'image des guwy

Thanks for your asnwer but when i am useing pgp bootguard and i am try with a password what contains a space it is comeing back with the error message that incorrect authentication.

Do you have any ideas for that?