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SWV Policy not replicating to children ns?

Created: 04 Janv. 2013 • Updated: 04 Janv. 2013 | 7 comments
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I cloned the default install policy for SWV and changed the target to exclude servers.  This policy does not appear to be replicating to the child NS servers?  I can clone it on the children but wasn't sure if something was wrong or for some reason this type of policy just doesn't replicate by default?

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Since you didnt say, did you add the cloned install policy to the replication settings under the Settings > Replication > Items?


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No I did not.  Do I have to create a specific "item replication rule" for this one thing? 

Other standard software delivery policies I create as well as cloned policies for things like the agent and subagent installs like software update, pc anywhere, etc all replicated down

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Policies fall under the Item category for replication, so you coud add it to your existing rule or create a new one. Since the replication rules involve seledting each item (as oppsed to folder/groups of items), you would have to add new policies to the rule as you create them.

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I should have read a little closer - in a hierarchy, check under Settings > Hierarchy, and look at the Replication tab. Udner Configuration and Management Items - you do have more options available, so if you have a Custom setup, this may be where the issue is.

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Under configuration I have the default settings of "All" selected.

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I can just recreate the policy since it is just 1 policy and only have 2 children, but trying to keep it easy for future use of not having to remember to go to the children for this one thing if we make changes

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This is known issue for 7.1, it's fixed in future release(7.5).
As workaround you may create new Managed Delivery Policy and deliver SWV agent via this policy.If you want to keep it easy for future just do not delete default  SWV install policy and do not use it until next release.