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Symantec Web Gateway Implementation

Created: 19 Juin 2013 • Updated: 30 Juin 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi Experts,

i am new to the Symantec Web Gateway Implementation i have downloaded the guide

the password mention administrator  as username and password it is not taking

i need some advice and steps how to configure ,it is on VMware and virtual appliance

i have connected it with only one network local 192.168.10.x 

Response appreciated

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l'image des syedzeeshan

Hi all

i was able to log in

password was admin1!

i have configured ip as per the configuration of internal network

but i cannot access that ip from i.e explorer

the ip i have given is i cant access the web console neither i cant ping from the machine

when i enable dhcp it is saying determining the ip bro

i have tired to disconnect all the nic card exepct one

once it took the dhcp ip i cannot ping it or test ping outsite

something i missed ? or it should be

l'image des syedzeeshan

any advice will be appreciated guys ?