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Systemstate Restore in AD DS Repair Mode (BE 12.5)

Created: 29 Nov. 2010 | 2 comments

Dear Community,

iam experimenting with disaster recovery in a virtual environment.

The test environment has a backup exec media server(win2k8, all BE patches installed) which holds the latest backup of one DomainController (also win2k8) from our production environment. 

To restore the domain controller, i´ve followed this guide:

Everything goes fine until Step 19. When i try to test the connection to the remote server, i receive the message "Access denied".

I´ve enabled the debug logging on the remote server to get a clue what this error is about.

The error message is: "The user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer".

How can i fix this problem in AD DS Repairmode? The local Administrator User seems to be in the Allow Logon Locally Setting in the local Security Policy and i cant add any entries to this policy.
The BackupExec Remote Agent Service is running under "Local System" privileges.

Your help is greatly appreciated


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Right, all my experience is with Windows Server 2003 rather than 2008, so things may be different on 2008, but this is how it works on 2003.

Remeber when you promoted your server to a DC? You would have been prompted for a password for Directory Services Recovery Mode. This is the user account and password you need to use. Of course you can't use any of the accounts in AD, as it's not functional at this point.

In Backup Exec, you need to add another logon account for <<servername>>\Administrator with your DSRM password.

Like I say it may be different on 2008, but it works on 2003.

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Hi Hywel,

thanks for your reply!
I´ve already created an account in BE with the DSRM Password to log onto the remote machine without any luck.

Any other suggestions?