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Created: 22 Janv. 2013 | 5 comments

From my research I think I have found that the only way to truly get rid of files is to purge the database.

Our Tablespace is filling up and causing the tool to break. If we archive the closed/resolved incidents and then purge them, will this keep the incident and get rid of any files (attachments, zip files) in our tablespace. Therefore, freeing up space in the tablespace?

Does anyone have a good direction they can send me or any advice on how to manage tablespace?


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archiving the old incidents will help...using the web archiver is probally the best option

i have added table space before using this.

  1. Open up a command prompt
  2. Launch SQLPLUS by typing the following command sqlplus /nolog  and hit enter
  3. From the SQL> prompt type connect sys as sysdba and hit enter
  4. Provide the password for sys:
  5. From the SQL> prompt type: alter tablespace "USERS" ADD DATAFILE 'd:\oracle\product\10.2.0\oracdata\protect\users02.dbf' size 138240k reuse autoextend on next 10240k maxsize 32767M
    1. Provide the full path to the location of the database
    2. Change USERS02.dbf to a different name
    3. Repeat as needed
    4. Restart Oracle and Vontu Services

remeber to use this with caution is it is really not supported otherwise open a tciket with support..

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Which table are talking about?

To get the database to recover the space, the incidents need to be deleted.

If more than one incident was creaetd from a message, all incidents have to be deleted before the incident purge will reclaim the tablespace.


John G. Thompson

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Currently Symantec has poor soultion to free space from table space.

1. Web archive- which is not 100% solution, cause:

- Admin needs to remember to put incidents into archive, there is no automatic mechanisim for this action!

2. Even when Incindets are been deleted (after archive) it does not say that you will have more space on DB, two main reason for that:
a. As above mentioned, each incindet is related to another, and if few incindets were created from same word/attachements/etc... ==> all of them (all the incidents) must be deleted in order to free some space on DB.

b. Morever, from what i understood, even if you do delete all the incindents which are related to each other ==> it is not 100% sure that Oracle DB will free the space of these incindets.

Good Luck all

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Delete is independent of archive operation added in 11.6.

Oracle will free the space in the tablespace, but it will not give space back to the OS.


John G. Thompson