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unable to restore any data in BE 2012 CASO

Created: 10 Janv. 2013 • Updated: 11 Fév. 2013 | 7 comments
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we have a BE 2012 SP1a installation with multiple site media servers and a central CASO installation.

All sites are configured to manage storage locally (storage, media and catalogs)  and only use the CASO for central reporting and sending job logs.

We were testing the restore process for a site server recently and restoring any data would fail at the end of creating the restore job, with a "the restore job has no selections". at first we thought it may be fixed by applying hotfix 180962 (tech note 187386) but we applied this and all other hotfixes and it made no diiference. Although we could select the data we could not create the job to restore it to as it would always error regardless of what data was selected or the server it was to restore it to.

after looking at the logs I noticed a SQL error on the media server to the CASO and realised there was an issue with the communication between the site and the CASO. I fixed this communication issue and everything worked. 

But, if i stop the services on the CASO i cannot do any restores on any of our sites until they are restored. Backups are unnafected and as all catalogs and media are managed locally.

Surely this is a bug and not by design. The manual does say you can run restores from the CASO but nothing about CASO communication being required.

Several of our sites are on satelite links (which is why we installed a CASO for central reporting) so if the link is down it means we cannot restore data from that site.

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Make the registry change suggested in following technote on managed servers, restart services and then try a restore:

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thanks for the reply 

that is actually to do with delegated jobs from the CASO. These are jobs run direct on the media servers themselves and the CASO server is not involved for anything except centrally viewing status and job histories. I have checked the registry setting and it is already set to 0.


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Generally your setup would work, and stopping the CASO doesn't mean anything than its services being stopped, and/or the MMS servers showing up as offline. They would continue working no matter what as data is not centralised on the CASO.

If the MMS stops working now, I'd recommend making sure that your Data/Catalogs etc are localised on the MMS through BEutility.exe.

Report back when you know...


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Hi, sorry, was away for a few days. The catalogs are local and the location shows as 'managed backup server (distributed)' on the CASO. I have also checked from the managed server itself using  BEUtility and it shows the catlogs are local to the server.

It does just seem to be a bug when i run through the restore jobs as all other functions such as backups work fine even if the CASO is down. 

But it isa very major concern for as as we have 10 managed servers and cannot restore any data if the CASO or link is down.

Have had so many bugs with the CASO in 2012 would not be surprised to see another one.


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As an update to this and for info for anyone with a similar problem...

I logged a case with symantec and eventually got the answer that it will not work if the CASO (or communication) to the CASO is down.

any restore file/sql/exchange cannot be completed from a locally managed server in a CASO environmnent even if the catalogs are held locally if it cannot talk to the CASO.

the work around is to run the install/config wizard and when you get to the CASO config it will tell you that it cannot contact the CASO and you can then remove it from the CASO enviroment. You then need to do a index and catalog before you can restore (see for full procedure)

Once communication is restored, you then need to join it back to the CASO. 

really disappointed with the backup Exec 2012 product as BE used to be so good. Have had nothing but trouble with this version.

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...interesting...thanks for this. Looks like they changed something in BE 2012, because it used to be possible in previous versions, and certainly in my setup where I localised data on the MMS servers.


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yeah, i have experience of it working on 2010, but they refused to budge and said it will always try to communicate to the CASO before a restore. Bit rubbish really, but at least I have an answer. Thanks for your help