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Using SMSME, should you disable Exchange's Anti-Spam

Created: 03 Janv. 2013 | 2 comments

Hi folks,

I'm running Exchange 2007 with SMSME  I've also been using the built in MS content filtering.  However, I get complaints a lot about emails being captured by MS and put into the quarantine mailbox.  Once there, they aren't recoverable, at least not that I can figure out how.

So, I was wondering.  If I'm running SMSME, can I just turn off the Exchange 2007 Anti-Spam filtering and let SMSME take care of it, or is there a balance I should look for?

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I have left Exchange 2012 enabled, but NOT to reject or delete anything, as Mail Security has better controll.

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Hello Michael,

You can indeed run both products on the server and they are completely compatible with each other, however, SMSMSE has more options when it comes to actions you can take with quarantined items. If you disable the MS Content Filtering, the Symantec Premium Antispam should catch the spam and you will have better control of those messages.

Symantec Technical Support for Messaging is always available to discuss optimal settings and how to tighten security if you do see a few spam messages get through.

Basically, the two products can run together on the same server, however, there is really no need as SMSMSE can be configured to take the actions you would like on messages and does not leave you stuck with messages you can not recover.