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which usb token to buy

Created: 13 Fév. 2013 | 2 comments

New user to PGP (desktop home) so apologies if this is has been covered before, but I haven't found a thread dealing with the question.

I want to save a newly generated key and the associated email address OFF the laptop

The option to "generate key to token" is disabled so as far as I can tell I need to acquire a USB token

My question is... would an encrypted usb stick/pen be recognised by PGPas a token and if it's not, what is?

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No, special tokens need to be used.  There are a lot compatible but for WDE these are the ones compatible:

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Alex, thanks for the info. I note you mention WDE but I'm not doing that, I just want to store one web based email and associated keys. I guess something small would be adequate. Any further thoughts?