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Will BUExec 2010 R2 backup the Domino Server nsf files properly

Created: 25 Janv. 2011 • Updated: 06 Mai 2013 | 2 comments
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I have selected the Domino data directory which contains a bunch of Domino databases (*.nsf files). These files are backed up sucessfully, but I am curious as to the validity of these backups. Does this version of the program work correctly with Lotus databases or do I need some sort of add-in.

Thanks, Rich

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If you have the Lotus Notes agent, its going to back up those databases while they are online.

If not, and you select the Lotus Notes installation directory, it will simply invoke the Active File Exclusion that is built into BE and exclude the Lotus Notes database files and anything linked to those DBs.

THe only way around this, and without using the agent, is to stop Lotus Notes's services, and do a flat-file backup.


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To backup the NSF files properly WITHOUT the Domino agent, you must first turn off AFE by modifying the registry.  Otherwise, the .nsf will still be excluded regardless of whether Domino is stopped or not.

If you did modify the registry to turn off AFE, as Craig said, you got to stop Domino before you do the backup.  Otherwise, the .nsf files will be skipped because they would be in use by Domino.

Life is much easier with the Domino agent.