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Persistant method of disabling scheduled jobs

Created: 28 Mai 2009 | 1 commentaire
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We need a way to suspend all backup/restore job activity in NetBackup that will persist across reboots and daemon bounces. This ability used to be granted through the "bpconfig -tries 0" command, but 0 isn't a valid number anymore for the command, and it still didn't handle restores or user-triggered jobs.
We need a way to prevent anything new from starting in NetBackup while the daemons are running.

This way we can do maintenance on the server itself (i.e. things requiring reboots), maintenance within NetBackup (i.e. catalog consistency checks), and not have to worry about jobs kicking off during our window.

Temporarily disabling the startup script for NetBackup can (and is) done for the reboot scenario, but that should be considered a workaround not a "feature". And it still doesn't help when we're performing tasks that require the daemons up, but we don't want _any_ jobs running during (i.e. catalog work).

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