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Auto-regenerating temp license for appliances

Created: 15 Mai 2013 | 1 commentaire
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We have a scenario where we have purchased several 5220 appliances that have the temp license from the factory image pre-loaded on them. When we factory reset them to be able to re-deploy them in a new environment, the temp license which is set to expire in March 2013 has already expired, which prevents the completion of the setup wizard.

Perhaps there could be a feature that adds an arbitrary number of days to the temp license during a refresh? Like 5 days? This would allow for completion of the wizard and then installation of the permanent key without having to go into the CLISH to enter a license before being able to use the GUI.

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It is not big deal to enter a new temp license to appliance before starting the installation, but yes it is a good idea.

Ones I had forgot to put the new lic before the installation and then I had to reset it and start again.

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