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Can the Connect Search also search the SymWise articles as well?

Created: 04 Décembre 2012 • Updated: 05 Décembre 2012 | 1 commentaire
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Dear Symantec,

I hear that Connect is supposed to be the central place to get support information in Symantec. This is good and I welcome it.

However, if this is to be the case, why do I need to search on Connect and SymWise seperately? If I look in each place, it has mutually-exclusive articles that only cross-over when someone refers to an article in one system from the other.

So can we please have the Connect Search also searching the SymWise database as well and to show these articles as a "KB" type?

Kindest regards,


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This is something that is often requested and is currently being considered. However, Connect and SymWise do not currently have connections and it will take some development efforts on both sides to provide this if it is determined that doing so is feasible.

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