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FeatureRequest: Patch reports should apply resource scoping.

Created: 20 Mai 2012 | 3 comments
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Verison: ITMS 7.1 SP2

After applying resource scoping, Customer has denied access to all resources but workstations or servers depending on the IT Staff role (this is separate from Default OU).

In this case, no data is loaded for the following two reports unless default computer view for organizaiton view is enabled.

1. Reports >Software >Patch Management >Compliance >Windows Compliance by Bulletin
2. Reports >Software >Patch Management >Compliance >Windows Compliance by Computer

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So how does someone in this situation get data from those reports?  I have a group that wants patching reports but are scoped to a certain group of PCs.

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l'image des Farhan2Rescue

You can add the user to Patch admin group and that should allow them to view reports.

Otherwise, try any higher level admin group.

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Hi Farhan2Rescue,
Adding user to Patch Admin group could be a solution, in this particular case this would override IT Staff role permissions.
In other words we would create another user with Patch Admin role privileges.
Most convenient way is to mirror permissions for desired Reports from a role that has appropriate access to Reports in Security Role Manager (for Patch that would be Patch Admin/Rollout roles) and configure same Reports access for IT Staff role in drop-down window.


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