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Search on file extension only

Created: 04 Janv. 2013 • Updated: 20 Oct. 2014 | 2 comments
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It would be helpful to have a feature in Advanced Search to search on file extension ONLY.  Currently, that search is combined with file name as "Any of these file names or extensions."  Everytime we are looking for a certain extension we have to either (1) manually make sure extra documents did not come through in the search (in the file name itself) or (2) export a metadata report that shows extensions and remove the extras that way.  Both require more time and potential risk of missing something.  Every other platform we have worked in allows for this feature.

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Hello Shuter,

Did you know that you can use the freeform search option in Advanced Search to search for file extension like this:


Perhaps this will do what you need. Please make sure to put the search string in the "...and apply this file query:" box, if you are searching for loose files.

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You can find more details and examples of freeform search in the User Guide document. Here's the Clearwell 7.1.2 version:

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