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IL B06: New Directions for Security Services and the Software Defined Data Center

Created: 03 Mai 2013 • Updated: 03 Mai 2013
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Provisioning server and application deployment is now measured in minutes for virtual and cloud environments. But what of the security controls and host agents still bounded by traditional, physical packaging and provisioning? The “Software Defined Datacenter" proposes our next step in the evolution of the datacenter, easing distinctions between enterprise and cloud models. With the advent of “Software Defined” everything, Security is also moving into this software defined category, deriving benefit from accelerated deployment, where days are reduced to minutes and solutions may be provisioned as a service.

Attendees will learn about the role of security within the Software Defined Data Center and virtualized environments, including the directions taken together by Symantec and VMware. Software defined deployment and configuration models developed in our partnership continue to accelerate the journey to the cloud by automating provisioning, minimizing resource use, easing security management and ensuring protection, while lowering overall cost.

Speakers: Chip Epps, Jeremiah Cornelius