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This group is designed to help system administrators utilize the Network Discovery, Inventory, Application Metering, Barcode and Asset Management capabilities in ITMS.

A team of Symantec experts will closely monitor this group and highlight helpful resources so that they are easier to find. Members of this group can use these experts as a sounding board for their questions and ideas. Users are strongly encouraged to share product extensions, such as custom inventory scripts.

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New article 26 Aug 2014
ITMS 7.5 SP1 product documentation links are as follows: Documents Location IT Management Suite 7.5 SP1 Hotfix   IT Management Suite 7.5 SP1 HF1 Release Notes   DOC7555   IT Management Suite 7.5 SP1 HF2 Release ...
New article 15 Aug 2014
Following is a list of each component  of the Unix, Linux and Macintosh (ULM) Agent and Solutions and required information to manually install each component.    This document applies to SMP 7.5 SP1. For SMP versions prior to 7.5 SP1, ...
New article 15 Aug 2014
To collect all available data from ULM machine for Inventory troubleshooting please do the following:   1. Collect information about agent and plug-ins: Run:aex-helper list all -f > /tmp/   2. Gather output for all inventory ...
New article 14 Aug 2014
The following commands are used by the Unix, Linux and Mac Software Mangement Framework to gather native software information:   Platform Collector Info source Platform specific DataClass Linux rpm –qa RPMPackageInfoDataClass ...
New article 14 Aug 2014
KeyName Key Value Description Resource Types Component/Solution Key Owner Versions Related KBs Ad_ipaddress   Printer Network Discovery 6   distinguishedname   Computer, Virtual Machine, User Directory Connector 6, ...