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Discovery and Inventory

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This group is designed to help system administrators utilize the Network Discovery, Inventory, Application Metering, and Asset Management capabilities in ITMS.

A team of Symantec experts will closely monitor this group and highlight helpful resources so that they are easier to find. Members of this group can use these experts as a sounding board for their questions and ideas. Users are strongly encouraged to share product extensions, such as custom inventory scripts.

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New article 21 Oct 2014
Understanding the schema for Basic Inventory in 7.5 is very useful when creating reports. Since Basic Inventory contains generally valuable information, it is essential for creating custom reports that includes other solution data. The goal of this ...
New article 30 Sep 2014
Network Discovery Task      Considerations      Task Results      Discovered Devices Reports      Resource Manager Network Discovery Task After all ...
New article 30 Sep 2014
Device Classifications      Troubleshooting Tips Advanced Settings Discovery Engine      Main Engine           Port ...