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Welcome to the HP | Altiris slice of Connect. We're pushing out a constant flow of news, information, and tips to help you get the most out of your HP | Altiris products.

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New discussion 04 Jan 2012
It seems that portable HP PCs have default settings which put the PCs to sleep or in hibernation and it further seems that Altiris will show these PCs as not currently connected to the Deployment Server, but known to the Deployment Database. It ...
New idea 20 Dec 2011
When Stand-alone inventory runs on a Windows system that DOES NOT have the Symantec Management Agent installed, the AEX AC Identification field Hardware Serial Number should be populated.  That would keep the behaviour consistent with Windows ...
New discussion 21 Nov 2011
We are using DS 6.9 and Rdeploy to distribute images (WinPE 2.0 environment).  We haven't switched to ghost yet due to issues with it dying on us when distributing an image.  Since redeploy has been working, we've stuck with ...