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Philadelphia Security User Group

Public Group | Founded: 12 May 2009 | Serving 157 members

Welcome to the Philadelphia Security & Compliance User Group website!

If you live in the Philadelphia area and use any Symantec Security products, we invite you to join our User Group!  To become an official member, click the "Request Membership" button (you must log into Connect first).

Why join our User Group and attend our meetings?

  • Learn and share best practices
  • Network with your peers
  • Find answers to challenges
  • Receive latest information on Symantec products
  • Earn Connect Points and redeem for prizes!
  • Free food!

Group Activity

New event 02 Sep 2015
Please join us for the next Western NY Security User Group Meeting on Friday, October 23rd, 2015, from 12:00pm to 4:30pm at the new Dave & Buster's in the Walden Galleria - Buffalo, NY! You will have an opportunity to network with your peers and ...
New blog entry 01 Sep 2015
As everybody know the top 10 dangerous web app security risks: Injection flaws Cross - site scripting broken authentication and session management insecure direct object reference cross site request forgery security misconfiguration insecure ...
New idea 17 Aug 2015
I would like to request that future versions of SEP include support for RSA version 7.x and higher.  The supported versions of RSA that the SEP console allows is end of life by the vendor.  We find it beneficial to enable two factor ...
New event 11 Aug 2015
Trust Comes First:  Keeping your data and systems safe with identity and authentication solutions The network perimeter is vanishing, we don’t own our devices, and our users have so many of them!  What can we do to keep our data and ...
New event 11 Aug 2015
Proactive Software Management:  License Control and App Delivery via Symantec Workspace Streaming “Another licensing true-up?”  Does it feel like you’re always reacting to requests for software and worrying about deploying more than you ...