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This group hosts detailed presentation materials and other relevant information to support the research of the Industry Analyst community. Please request membership if you would like to access the below materials.



Symantec Edition - Monthly Webcast for Industry Analysts

We invite you to hear from Symantec experts on a variety of topics for industry analysts. In these one hour sessions, we will articulate Symantec’s strategy around hot topics and trends such as cloud computing, BYOD, information explosion, to name a few as well as host a Q&A session.

Please contact Esther Kim in the Symantec Industry Analyst Relations team for more information.

Previous Webcasts



UK Cyber Security Industry Analyst Event, April 2nd, Reading UK

  • For event details, click here

EMEA Industry Analyst Conference 2013, December 2nd – 3rd, Reading UK

  • For event details, click here

EMEA Symantec 4.0 Analyst Day, June 18th, Reading UK

  • For event details, click here

World Wide Industry Analyst Conference 2013, April 15th - 16th, Las Vegas

  • For event details, click here

Symantec Vision Las Vegas 2013, April 15th - 18th, Las Vegas

Symantec Vision 2013 discussed many of today’s overarching IT challenges, such as the managing information growth, the evolving threat landscape and growing data center complexity. To combat these challenges, Symantec created three goals. First, we want to help maintain user productivity. Second, that productivity has to coexist with security. And third, organizations need to effectively manage that information and keep it available to users. For more info and a recap of the event, visit the links below

Weren't able to make it? Watch the Keynote Sessions

Mobile World Congress and RSA Conference 2013

Group Activity

New blog entry 06 Jan 2014
Identity management was never easy. The basic need for identity is that of ‘non-repudiation’ - assurance that a person is who they say they are - as used to authenticate and authorise individuals to use IT resources, or enable access to web sites and ...
New blog entry 02 Jan 2014
Based on discussions we are having across our customer base, we know that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing phenomenon. It’s not particularly new - after all, organisations have been monitoring the state of their buildings and equipment, ...
New blog entry 19 Dec 2013
Information is – slowly – moving outside the database. And it’s everywhere. Businesses want to get their hands on all the data that really matters, wherever it resides, because that is the strategy that will ensure they stay ahead of the game. More and ...
New blog entry 16 Dec 2013
In my previous blog I talked about the as-is state of enterprise security. Now I’d like to paint a picture of a much better future state that I believe is achievable, and then I’ll tell you how we can make that state a reality. First, in our ideal ...
New blog entry 10 Dec 2013
Few areas of IT seem to be gaining as much attention at the moment as cloud orchestration, as represented by OpenStack and CloudStack, VMWare and the like. The debates in the blogosphere and on social media could suggest nothing short of all-out ...
New blog entry 21 Nov 2013
This blog will discuss a vision for ‘to-be state’ of enterprise security and targeted attack protection, and is the last part of this blog series. Part 1: The Future State of Cyber-security Part 2: The Future State of Cyber-security In my ...
New blog entry 12 Nov 2013
Over the past few weeks my colleagues and I had the opportunity to meet with many of you and even attend some of the industry events including analyst conferences. I felt the need to blog today, however, based on the level of excitement that I have ...
New blog entry 07 Nov 2013
Greetings, analysts! My name is Carey Nachenberg and I’m a Symantec Fellow and Vice President in our CTO organization.  I’ve been with Symantec a whopping 23 years (if you count both my internships and full-time employment at the ...
New blog entry 24 Oct 2013
I always like to start with the good news. So, according to the findings of the 2013 Norton Report, the number of online adults who have experienced cybercrime has decreased. Time to celebrate? Not quite. Because the average cost per victim has risen ...