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Tell Your Security Story Contest

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Are You Lost Without Symantec?

Enter the “Tell Your Story Contest” and Share Your Experience.

Did you work with Symantec security products and then for one reason or another have to do without them? (Maybe you changed jobs or changed companies to one that didn’t use Symantec products.) And then, did you lobby hard to get your favorite Symantec security product back? We’re looking for stories of individuals who were able to convince their company to install a Symantec security product because of their previous experience with Symantec products.

Entering the contest is easy!

Round 1.
1.    Join this group.
2.    Create a blog post with a short version of your story—about 150-250 words will do it.
3.    Tag your entry with the “Tell Your Security Story Contest” group.
4.    Entries must be submitted by 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time on October 31, 2009.
5.    All entries submitted by the deadline will be awarded an extra 50 points.

Round 2
1.    The entries from Round 1 will be evaluated and the best 3-5 entries will be invited to submit a full article detailing their efforts and their success. Articles will receive a bonus of 500 points.
2.    Articles will be reviewed by a panel of experts and the best article will be chosen.
3.    The winner will receive 25,000 points.

Note: All entries must be the work of the submitter. Stories must not have been published elsewhere. Upgrades from another Symantec product not eligible for entry. For the winners of the contest that ran through May 31, 2009, please click here. For the winners of the contest that ended on July 31, 2009, click here.

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