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HPE Global Strategic Partner Community

Public Group | Founded: 10 Aug 2015 | Serving 111 members

Welcome to the HPE Global Strategic Community where the HPE team can:

  1. Follow & share the latest news and updates pertaining to our partnership & business
  2. Join the conversation and network with other leaders
  3. Access exclusive conversations, content & events
  4. Share ideas, best practice & success stories
  5. Increase your exposure on connect & social media
  6. Discover new customers by solving bigger challenges
  7. Grow your network, experience & brand

We are a community with a passion for connecting Talent, Leaders & Champions with transformation Tools, Learning and Community to solve bigger customer problems and accelerate our Information Security partnership.

We look forward to helping you engage, empower and grow your Information Security business.

HPE Agility Alliance Support Quick Reference Card - How HPE can contact Technical Support directly.

Learning Paths

Symantec Technology Learning Paths provide HPe Account Executives with tailored, role-specific training recommendations for building criticalknowledge of Symantec products. Each path suggests learning from a sequence of Symantec courses and other resources to gain necessary knowledge and skills.  We have about 20 Symantec technologies covered today.

Step 1:  Go to PartnerNet and enter your SymAccount credentials to Request Access to PartnerNet.
Step 2: Once you have been granted access to PartnerNet, use the Symantec Training or Learning Paths link to gain access to the training and accreditation.

If you have any issues, please contact:

Important Notice:

The $250 Apple Gift Card incentive will close on February 15th, 2016. Each HPE employee who has sucessfully achieved the SSE accreditation on DLP, CCS or ATP will be rewarded. An accreditation report will be run at the end of February 2016 and all the names that appear on that report will receive their rewards promptly thereafter.

  • All client facing collateral, graphics, and digital assets for Symantec and joint branded pieces.
  • Joint sales presentations, battle-cards, competitive data, and more.
  • Training modules, whitepapers, technical tips, and relevant joint technical content.
  • Together, we help clients secure their mission-critical business data and address specific enterprise security issues.
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