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Activity Monitor - Consolidated View

Created: 13 Oct 2009 • Updated: 15 Sep 2010 | 3 comments
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My biggest issue with Netbackup, coming from HP Data Protector, is the default Activity Monitor view is job/detail level.  If I am backing up a SQL Server that has 40 databases on it, I see a job for each Database and one for the Parent.  This means I see 41 entries in Activity Monitor - Wouldn't it be cleaner to have a (+) plus sign next to the Parent job?  If my SQL Server backup is perfectly successful, then I should see (1) Job that is Green for Successful.  If it is Yellow, I can click on the (+) plus sign to "drill down" to the detail job level view and see what database had an issue.

This leads me to my next point - wouldn't it also be easier for the Monitor to display the name of the Database as well the Server?  When monitoring backups, I cannot tell what database is being backed up - I just see the server name.

The goal is - consolidate the Monitor view to a "summary" view - if the Parent and All Child backups (whether this be multiple drive letters, or SQL databases) are all successful, I don't need to see the details - the backup was successful.  I could quickly scroll through problem backups and "expand" to gain more information.  The norm is for backups to succeed, not fail, therefore summary view by default makes a lot more sense.

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In OpsCenter the Activity Monitor has a +/- for grouping jobs like SQL database backups.  It also has a summary view like you mentioned that can go as high level as showing pie charts instead of individual jobs.  And for database names you can do that with views in OpsCenter as well so you can get a summary of "all SQL DB backups" and then each individual database name under that without having to know the server name or details.

Sr. Product Manager, NetBackup


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Joe could you shed some highlight on SQL DB names under OpsCenter. I'd been questioned many times and got nightmare getting it worked , though it was disappointing result we got from OpsCenter which was not explanatory to see as stat or dashboard

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Don't hold out much hope of a response here 'Cap'n' ..... Joe last contributed over 2 years ago ....

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