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Admin console letting you know if the system is in backup mode

Created: 10 Jun 2009 • Updated: 03 Jun 2010 | 4 comments
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Status: Implemented

So, users call in saying they can't restore or archive stuff, and you may be covering for someone to support EV, or just want a quick way of knowing if the system is working "as expected". We get a number of support calls and after investigating we find out the system is in "read only" (prior 8 this was the reg keys, and with 8 we now have powershell etc).

I have always thought that, when opening the VAC, the code should do a quick check and either give a pop-up and say "System is in backup mode" or some visual warning - will help out a lot I think :)

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Yes - it's a good suggestion, we'll be investigating what can be done for a future release or SP.

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You have my vote.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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You will start to see this in EV 8.0 SP4 (will require .NET 3.5) and in EV 9.0.

There will be a section in the GUI that will give warnings and errors based on a number of criteria.  Backup Status and Pending Items will be among them.

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This is a really good idea !!! smiley

We have EV 9.0.2 at the moment and if users tries to archive mail items during EV is in Backup mode, the icon changed to pending and switch back to online item, but no message was displayed. So the user tries and tries and tries and open a ticket.

It would be very helpful for users to have a popup window, which tells, that the system will be backed up and is currently in read only mode. We got also a lot of tickets about that!


Symantec Enterprise Vault is in Backup-Mode (read-only) !

At this time, you are not able to delete or archive any item.

Please try again later.

For my daily administrative work, I wrote the powershell script, as it send me a mail if it starts and at the end, with a logfile and the state of the system (vault store, indexes and services). Additionally I created a report with autorefresh who displayes me, which Vault Store and Index Location is currently in backup mode - but both are only workarounds crying

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