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Backup Exec System Recovery 2010

Created: 19 Mar 2010
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Our company does IT work in the SMB sector.  In one situation, we have a customer that has around 150GB of data and we want to use BESR 2010 for disk backup and disaster recovery.  We would like to do Full backups plus incrementals.  We have a local network backup location and a remote network backup location (still on the same logical network and the same domain, but on a different subnet across a 5Mbit VPN connection).  We would like to backup two of their servers.  We would like the incrementals to be done every hour to the local network backup location.  We would like a daily incremental sent to the remote location.  We would like the base backup to occur once a week to the local network backup location.  For the remote network location, we would like the base backup to occur once a month.

Currently, with BESR 2010, it is not possible to have different backup schedules for the local and remote backup locations.  We request that Symantec add this functionality to Backup Exec System Recovery.

Thank you.