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bi-monthly scheduling

Created: 01 Apr 2010 | 2 comments's picture
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I would like to see some options in policy scheduling to allow a schedule to set to run on the first friday of every other month, or less frequently.  You can specify what days of a week over a month.  It would be good if you could specify what months of a year in the same way.

If I want to run a full on the first friday of every quarter I could do that then.  It would also allow me to have different retentions on different schedules so that quarterly fulls are kept longer than monthly fulls.

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Jeff_123456789's picture

I'm running Netbackup and we are beginning to see need to backup some items less often than every month. We use calendar scheduling and do find that Netbackup lacks the ability to set the conditions like: "Full backup on the 4th Saturday of every 3rd month" for quarterly backups.

Frequency backups will not work for us as the quarterly backups are quite large and we would need to ensure that they occur on the weekend we specify.

I agree with 'jo4' above that even selecting the months that this 4th Saturday FULL would run would make our policy set and forget as we require. Currently we have to pick and choose our calendar dates for a full year...

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Andy Welburn's picture

Something as flexible as SQL Server scheduling would be ideal, where the frequency can be:

Daily - can schedule to run daily to every 100 days

Weekly - can schedule to run weekly to every 100 weeks on all or specific days (Mon-Sun)

Monthly - can schedule to run monthly to every 99 months on 1st to 31st day, or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or last Mon-Sun, day, weekday or weekend day.

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