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Can we have a organized table for various ASLs for various OSs in an chronological order of its release?

Created: 09 Dec 2009 • Updated: 05 Jan 2010 | 4 comments
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Status: Implemented

The process that we normally use is for someone to read through all the HCL’s and tech-notes to build a list of the supported arrays and associated ASL’s for every platform, OS and version of Storage Foundation so that we have a reference table to compare customers’ environments against.  This is a painful process, so we are hoping that there is an easier way of getting this information and keeping it up to date than having to read all the docs and manually compile the lists to find out what ASL’s the systems should have. VIAS and VOS is not always a good option when it comes hundreds of servers that needs checking.

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Hi Dev,

We have the web checklist on VOS that'll give you both arrays and ASLs in one table:

We keep this up to date monthly/quarterly with info from the ASL teams. It's under "checklists  widget-> install" on the main page.

Or directly here:

We have been kicking around the idea of an "ASL Central" or "ASL Explorer" kind of site for over a year, possibly in the vein of Doc Central and Patch Central.

I am very interested in hearing from customers how well they feel this need is met by today's technology and what other formats they'd like to see the information in. Everyone feel free to email for this or any other suggestion for VOS.


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Thanks ScottK, this helps but seems it only has info for SF version 5.0.
Anyways thanks for this.


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