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The Community give points to deserving members... (Please Read)

Created: 05 Jun 2009 • Updated: 19 Jun 2009 | 9 comments
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Hi Team,

There is a saying that "It is better to give than to recieve..."
Why not we could give points to deserving community members that had help us BIG TIME...
That is from our own savings...
This is in addition to what Symantec is giving out.

Heres is my IDEA:

Each member could give a certain number of points to a member that has helped him with a solution or suggestion...
Each one could only give based from their saved points...
So if a member wants to give points to another but has no balance then it would not be permitted....
This is in addition to what Symantec is giving out...

To make this system secure...
we could only give out a minimum number of points per day...
but the reciever could have unlimited number of points given by every member...

By doing so, we shall also contribute in helpng those that helped us...
Not only voting them, but if they really helped us... why not chip in a few points as goodwill...

Symantec gives points + Community gives points also...
Great deal for all...

Hope this idea sees daylight soon...

thanks all...

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I like this idea, as long as their is a good way to limit users misusing it. Your idea of limiting the number of points you could give away each day is a good start. I would also like to see only users who have had a certain number of posts say 50+ be able to give out a certain number of points. Then people who have had 100+ posts can give out even more points. And so on. This makes it so users can't just create more and more accounts to give out points. It is also an incentive to be more active. I like the general idea of users giving points. Good Job!


Please don't forget to mark your thread solved with whatever answer helped you : )

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Stumpr2's picture

I think this is a wonderful idea. I don't think it should be limited in the number of points that you could reward someone. I am a member of the unofficial 5 year club as I have been helping others with NetBackup for over 5 years. Some people I have helped several times during that span. If someone wants to give me rewards in the form of points then I will accept them. :-)

VERITAS ain't it the truth?

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Hear4U's picture

I'll take it to the Dev team and see if this is feasible.



check out the community at

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Nel Ramos's picture

@Stumpr: thanks for backing this adea up...
this would be just an additional incentive given by co-members to deserving ones...

I truly believe that points would be generously given if someone had helped us bigtime...

Nel Ramos

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Nel Ramos's picture

@Hear4U: thanks for bringing this to the developers...

Nel Ramos

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she_esteban's picture

Good idea!!!
Thanks for the suggestion...........

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RickJDS's picture

I could have sworn I left a comment on this.  I absolutely agree!  I think this give people the extra incentive to help others in their spare time.  I like the idea of points and awards, but now that the system was changed to help reduce the number of non contributing posts, its no longer a big incentive to really dig deep and help.  I'm not looking for a trip to Hawaii (hey, I live there!), but now there's some cool gadgets I would love to have and helping others is what I do best so its a win / win combo for me.

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RickJDS is on my top list...

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Thanks Symantec for introducing these points features for deserving members and it is like an appreciation and added advantage that we can seek advice and also get solutions to our problems here.

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