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Fix Netbackup so that cancelling a job really cancels a job (No Matter what!)

Created: 15 Oct 2009 • Updated: 20 Oct 2010 | 5 comments
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We regularly notice that jobs can't be cancelled, unless we stop all services on Master and Media servers (BPDOWN)

Why can't jobs be cancelled no matter what, when an administrator cancels the job in the Netbackup GUI?

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 I was reviewing this today with the NetBackup product management group. We were looking for more detail. Is there a kind of job where it seems slow? What version are you experiencing this with? Any more detail would help us work through this.

Technical Product Manger Symantec

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Hi Tim,

Sorry for the late answer: I've been out of the office a while...

What I mean is the following (We are running 6.0 and 6.5.5 in 2 separate environments btw):

When a job hangs (For whatever reason) it is sometimes impossible to cancel the job and clean it away after it has been canceled.

No matter what I try (And I hear this from others as well), some jobs can't be canceled, except when I boot the server (Or BPDOWN / BPUP).

I have no specific example when this happens, but I guess you must have encountered situations like that as well sometimes...

To test I sometimes have canceled a job that was seemingly hung, and waited until the next day, only to see it hadn't canceled!

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I can confirm that this occurs in 6.5.5 and even in netbackup 7.0

-Austin Lazanowski Backups cost way too much until you needed them.

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