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Hot Topics at Vision 2010

Created: 09 Oct 2009 | 2 comments
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At Vision there are number of “hot topics” that are of interest many of the Vision attendees. For example, topics such as:

  • Alternate Delivery Models (Cloud Computing, Hosted Services, Software as a Service)
  • Green IT 
  • Microsoft Solutions (Win7, Server 2008, and Exchange)
  • Virtualization (client, server, data center, storage, more)

These topics cross a wide range of Symantec products and approaches. If a session spent at least 30% of its content discussing one of these topics, we would mark it as a “hot topic” session in the catalog listing. Do you agree or disagree that this is a good way to identify and address these topics?

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One of the most important topic for me is IT Compliance. Regarding to financial companies and the financial crisis that should be a "hot topic" too.

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 I am very hesitant on upgrading to NS 7. I would think I'm not alone. I would like to see a session that brings what type of problems were found in upgrading to NS 7. A "Heads up" if you will. Problems that were found after the upgrade, what caused them, and how to prevent any possible them! A list of popular (or not so popular) support cases, that could have been easily prevented.

Andres Ochoa

Altiris Certifed Engineer Client Management Suite 7.1

Symantec Certified Specialist CMS AMS 7.5 SP1 HF2

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