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Manually run individual backup selection or path from policy with many.

Created: 24 Jun 2009 • Updated: 24 Feb 2010 | 3 comments
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A convenient feature would be the ability to manually run an individual backup selection or path for a policy if the latter contains more than one.

Currently we have the ability to run a manual backup for a specific schedule (or schedules) and for a specific client (or clients) from within a policy.
Some policies are set up with multple backup selections or paths (e.g. we may have 3, 4, 30 or 40 - well maybe not that many, but it is possible! :-) - backup selections or paths depending on the policy). Occasion may arise whereby we want to run a manual backup for a specific path only & we currently only have 2 options available to us :  copy the existing policy to a new one & delete the paths not required & then run a manual backup off the new policy (then delete the new policy as it was only needed that one time!) OR set a manual backup going from the existing policy & then trawl through the 3, 4, 30 or 40 jobs that are created & cancel those that are not required.

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Was one of my asks from a long time ago. 

An example might be you add a new drive to a server policy with multi-streams enabled; how do you simply perform a full backup of that new stream? 

Get's my vote.  Maybe via an "advanced" button during the manual backup process?  This would show all the streams in a new box and allow you to select the one stream you want (just like you current do with select ing the schedule and server in the other two boxes).

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This should be usefull for GUI, but it´s already possible just using command line bpbackup option -f. On our environment we did that scripting for separate high volume backup on "streams" (in reality we not use streams as netbackup knows about) with the almost the same size.  So each stream will take the same volume to backup, will be dinamically created and should be reexecuted on error situations (when a restart with checkpoint should not help)

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