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Provide Backup Information to All users Firmwide without login in OpsCenter

Created: 25 May 2010 • Updated: 15 Sep 2010 | 5 comments
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Status: Already Offered

Scope :

- All users within Company who needs Backup Related Informations of theire data

Situatîon :

- Today it is possible to have a Usermanagement in OpsCenter but this means that somebody in Backupteam has to take care of this. Further it will be timeconsuming to administer the User with theire privileges; whereas the common user is not interested to have again a tool where he needs to sign in.

- In my case i am talking some about 8'000 boxes which are backuped and approx 2'000 and more users needs information about the status of backups.

- We have build and own written Website which gathers data from all Masterservers (bpdbjobs) and presents Backupjob information. This site don't need any authentification and we made very good experiences as it prevents much phone talks :)

Enhancement Request / Idea :

- OpsCenter can be used for common / public user without loginpanel. OpsCenter shows in that case only Backupjob information for a searched Clientname.

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There is a public export location option in OpsCenter (and formally VBR) where you can schedule or manually dump reports to in HTML or any other supported format.  The trick is that you'll have to enable access to that folder via the web server used for OpsCenter so everyone else can get access without a login.  We don't have formal documentation on that but we're using a version of the Apache Tomcat web server so a quick Google search should bring up the file you need to edit for allowing http access to that location.

By default the public location if you've installed OpsCenter on Windows is: C:\PROGRA~1\Symantec\OPSCEN~1\server\export  You can of course edit that so it has a friendly URL or do a http redirect to something like http://opscenter/get-your-reports-here/

Sr. Product Manager, NetBackup


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hi Joe,

sorry being late with my answer and to be honest i discovered now that there is a comment.

but the idea is not to bad as a workaround :)

let me see if i can realize this as there are some questions to be answered :

- how the search will be

- how to adapt this to our actual view (i.e first panel shows red / green /yellow colors for each day for one week at a first glance and drilling down to detail records of a backup job ) 

- our actual website is updating every 30 minutes; i.e up to date with netbackup data

 - and the most big problem for me is the date format used in opscenter; even with the procedure BIGintUTCtime i don't get the format i like --> i want to have 24 hours and swiss date :) 

- also another problem is the jobid which is used masterserverid;jobid and as this is not unique i need to check each masterserver

i'll try to update it here when i got something; when in meantime symantec offers something into this direction i would be glad to hear it.



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Hi Ramazan,

To answer some of your questions...

-search: for searching you'd have to use the built-in browser search in IE, Firefox etc (Ctl-F).  That could be used to find the row where the client name is there.  Unfortunately the HTML exports for OpsCenter do not have any dynamic JavaScript for searching or sorting but using built-in browser search is usually quicker anyways.

-Check out the "Week at a Glance" report under "Backup" -> "Status & Success Rate" -> "Status".  It's very similar to what you describe by having a row for each client and a red / green / yellow or blue guy, yellow guy, red x in NBU's case.  You can click on those and they will show you the backup job details.  The problem is when the report is exported via HTML there is no click-through to view details so you'd have to create a 2nd report with the details and have people manually cross reference the 2 reports (high level summary in colors and details in a separate report).

-The exports could be scheduled to update every 30min as well using the OpsCenter report scheduler so no problem there.

-The timestamp issue has more to do with trying to use the product across multiple time zones.  You can change OpsCenter settings to show 24 hour swiss date/time but that would change all reports.  There isn't a way to change dates/times for individual reports in OpsCenter today.

-For uniqueness you would definitely want to modify that report to add "Master Server Name" or something since you are correct that Job ID's are not unique across multiple Masters.

Hope that helps!

Sr. Product Manager, NetBackup


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It shouldn't be necessary to make hacks in the web server configuration to get this functionality.

To me that's a workaround not a real offering from the product

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what we have done is a similar approach from joe.

- own written webpage which is updated 3 x  day

- own written sql and some script to export / import csv files into a database

- search is included and some other informations are also added in info panel of client

- only showing last 30 days backup jobs

so far it is working as expected but still some bugs in opscenter where i am in train to plan to upgrade opscenter to 7.1.02.

This idea is still existing with no solution and i think there will be no solution in near future and i have to live with my solution :)


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