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Show B2D Compression ratios

Created: 28 May 2009 • Updated: 27 Mar 2012 | 2 comments
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When compression is enabled for Backup-to-Disk files, the "Compression Ratio" column is blank.  This is misleading and confusing.
Make this field show the actual compression ratio, as well as in the Media Properties window and the Job Logs.

I'd also like the "Used Capacity" field to display a "% full" shading, just like tape media.

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I'm new to the database archiving products from Symantec. What sort of compression does the product offer when archiving?

Does 1 TB of disk archive at 10:1 (ie. 100GB) or 100:1 (10GB in size)?

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As with any compression system, depends on the data.  If you compress ZIP files, you'll get 0%.  If you have large, fluffy text files (say, database exports to CSV format), you can get over 3:1.

I typically see 2:1 compression across whole servers, sometimes a pinch better.

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