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Show % Complete Without Pre-Scans

Created: 27 May 2009 • Updated: 05 Nov 2009 | 5 comments
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Status: Partially Implemented

If I have a backup job scheduled, that has successfully run in the past, use that job's totals for an estimated % done of the next run.

For example, if yesterday I had a 100gb backup job, assume that this job will take 100gb as well, and show the % complete while the job is running.

Maybe display in the format of "50% (est) ".   Maybe even check only the previous successful run, to keep it fast.

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I just discovered that BE v12.5 supports this for Test jobs. 

The basic concept is there - it shouldn't be too hard to expand it to real backup jobs.

Mark this post as the solution, and have good luck for 7 years.
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Netbackup uses this function to do estimates. Im sure it wont be hard to port its code to backup exec.

-Austin Lazanowski Backups cost way too much until you needed them.

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 If you port this code, than PLEASE ensure that it says that it is 'estimating', but more importantly, if it cannot estimate (e.g. the first time a job runs) SAY SO, do not say "0% complete" and then 25 minutes later suddenly jump to "100% complete". Sillyness...

Senior Principal Technical Education Consultant with Symantec Corporation

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for sticking with us and your patience. Sorry we have not been very public on this forum. We have the issues worked out and now will be able to quickly respond to your Ideas and Enhancement Requests for Backup Exec.

We have reviewed this request and are happy to report that we believe we have this partially addressed now.

Obviously we would like your feedback on this to see if we have hit the mark or still have more work to do.

Try out the Test Run Job functionality in  Backup Exec. You can have the Test Run scheduled to run at any time and it can give you a rough estimate if you have your backup job configured correctly for login credentials to remote systems, overwriteable media, space on media based on the backup job history in the Backup Exec database.

Try out the Test Run Jobs and let us know what you think. We are considering adding them just as another option to the backup job or also including them in a BE Policy for even more automation. Let us know which you prefer. 

Also, please take a few minutes to register and download the Early Adopter version of Backup Exec 2010 here

Thanks for posting this Idea and please keep them coming!


Peter Imming, Sr. Product Manager, NetBackup, Symantec

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It would be good to see this feature further invested in, particularly where jobs run where there is a known total size.

These could include:

  • Verify jobs
  • Duplicate jobs such as those going to tape
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