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Support for RALUS with CentOS

Created: 06 May 2010 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 5 comments
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Status: Already Offered

It would be nice to see that the engineers do some testing with RALUS to test compatibility and be able to offer support for CentOS in the near future for BE 2010.

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Thanks for the post. CentOS support should work fine with BE 2010 RALUS.  We have difficulty officially doing Tech Support for community sourced-OS's and I am not really sure why.

Are you having any difficulty with getting RALUS to work with CentOS? 

If so, let us know what version of CentOS (5.5?) and what the problem is.

Or are you just looking for Symantec Tech Support to officially support CentOS?

Also, let us know what other changes you would like to see for our Linux Agent. We are looking to invest in some new features for it.
Open file support?
Bare metal recovery?
P2V recovery?
Source-side deduplication?
Image-level backup?

Thanks for  your time,


Peter Imming
Sr. Product Manager, Backup Exec

Peter Imming, Sr. Product Manager, NetBackup, Symantec

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I see this suggestion is still marked as "Already offered". Let me reemphasize that it isn't.

According to the SCL CentOS is not supported by Symantec. RALUS may work on CentOS. (In fact I can confirm from personal experience that it does.) But if I call Symantec support with any problem that even remotely involves a server running CentOS they'll flatly refuse to help me. (In fact I can confirm that, too, from personal sad experience.) Even on the Community Forum, discussions of problems involving CentOS are systematically killed by certain participants who maintain that "unsupported" implies "end of discussion".

In sum, even if RALUS does work on CentOS, the attitude of Symantec support and of certain forum participants makes that combination unfit for production use as long as it isn't supported in the sense of "listed on the SCL".

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So I'll weigh in here, being one of those "certain participants" who quotes directly from the SCL and HCL.

I will say that any backup vendor who has not tested a product, no matter the similarity to another, is not at all required to provide support. After all, that's why they have compatibility lists.

It's the same situation if you want to run a virtual media server...Symantec is not obliged to support you in any way.

The reason why we simply quote the SCL/HCL (as have numerous Symantec staff members) is basically to protect ourselves too. I don't see how public recommendation to run an unsupported setup helps an OP in any way.

To be honest, you're putting them at risk, and if they ARE running something unsupported, it's better to look at some other product that can do the job. That way they're protecting their data and the company, while we're making sure that we're not culpable for anything going wrong.

So, telling an OP to go ahead and run something, and for some reason pull us all in as the "community" (don't include people who don't recommend doing something against the grain when it comes to data protection!), isn't wise either. Unless you're willing to take the blame when things go wrong...? I doubt it.

For this issue above, you might want to take it to the attention of someone like Colin Weaver.

Just for interest's sake, here are some links for other providers and supporting CentOS: (IBM TSM - Best effort!) (ARCserve Backup r16.5 - no CentOS support)


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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CentOS support should work fine with BE 2010 RALUS.

I think the problem is when it does not work and the user needs support from Symantec Tech Support.  Would they be able to open a case?

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They won't. I know because we tried. The moment we mentioned CentOS the support engineer refused to help in any way.

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