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Symantec Threat Monitor Screensaver - How can we make it better?

Created: 22 Oct 2009 • Updated: 18 Oct 2010 | 13 comments
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There have been some great suggestions provided already to improve the next version of the screensaver, but post your ideas and let's vote! 
What other content or information would you like to see in the screensaver

Are there other features or functionality that would make it more useful

Any additional OS support you'd like to have?

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Sandeep Cheema's picture

The data is being cached anyway. Can this be made available to the user in an XLSX or maybe even csv format ?....Just for circulation within the team.

De facto when AV does something, it starts jumping up and down, waving its arms, and shouting...

"Hey!  I found a virus!  Look at me!  I'm soooo goooood!"

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Bekir's picture

I wish we could see the spam counts generated from the top countries and continents.

Best regards,
Bekir Burak Durmaz

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DeepSight MATI Team's picture

Bekir -

Thanks - we are considering how to incorporate spam and phishing stats into the next version of the screensaver.



Symantec’s managed adversary and threat intelligence (MATI) team of intelligence analysts and collectors are dedicated to understanding the adversary ecosystem and in providing insightful reports on adversaries including their plans, tactics, tool

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Rick Bywalski's picture

Another nice idea would be to have a way to tie this to our own environment and pull real time stats of attacks going on in our environment as well.  would love to be able to have my help desk able to see that at a glance on a monitor on the wall in their room.    I know that would probably be a tall order to do but would be a nice thing to have someday.

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aspen's picture

I would love a graphical breakdown of hot regions for viruses and maybe a scrolling bar across the bottom displaying the top 10 virus threat trends.

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Soylent's picture
  • Symantec Endpoint Manager integration: I'd love to also be able to see MY network's statistics in there, compared to other areas
  • Dual Monitor support: ie., two different maps on either monitor
  • More frequent updating: like, once an hour, at least
  • Proxy support
  • Latest security news: from government cybersecurity or Symantec RSS feeds

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mon_raralio's picture

For the sake of "saving" the screens make sure that none of the graphics stays in place for the entire slide show.

And some of these are already in place, but this is the data I want to see on screen:
- Top threats per region
- Top Spam domains, areas
- Latest vulnerabilities
- Latest fixes or virus that is included in the virus defs
- Histograph (maybe risk level or spam level)

Or just make a different one that can be integrated with the SEPM servers in a company and just get the realtime data like virus alerts and other notifications. Could be a slide show of the favorite reports.

With regards to proxy support, maybe make the SEPM server the proxy so that there won't be any necessary changes to be made on the firewall.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

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Christoph_A's picture

 How about the update for Mac OS X 10.6.(Snow Leopard)?

We are still waiting for it :-)


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JimW's picture

We are targeting Snow Leopard support in the SAV for Mac release at the end of December.

Jim Waggoner Director Product Management, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Enterprise Security Group, Symantec

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Ronoc's picture

Almost maked this as offensive.

Lets go guys its a simple switch.

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cable mite's picture

How about the screensaver tell us
-Current pattern file versions for products
-Alerts for an critical nasties
-News ticker for new vulnerabilities

MR99 will fix it all.

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deepak.vasudevan's picture


I would appreciate if your team could make it as a Desktop Gadget. Our network policies have a restriction on screensavers and any .SCR files get automatically removed. On the other hand desktop gadgets are fine as long as they are from legitimiate source and we can apply for approval.

At least me very frequently lookup to websites like VirusTotal and Jotti for even simple attachments to ensure my system does not befall as a prey to harmful vectors. Hence I am submitting this request to you  to see if you could help with a desktop gadget (Windows 7) alongwith the screensaver stuff.

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