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Vision Barcelona Ideas Competition

Created: 06 Oct 2010 • Updated: 06 Oct 2010
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Picture this: You leave a session, you are parched... dehydrated. You just can't remember where to go next, or how to get there. You panic, you break into a sweat....

Suddenly, in front of you you find the Vision Kiosk. It looks so cool and enticing, and somehow completely calming.

Entranced you walk forwards to the Kiosk, and find the welcoming big screen with a scanner beside it. It says "Scan Me". You pick it up, and scan yourself. Suddenly, your schedule for that day appears, with the instruction that for the next session you need to go down one floor and head to room 112. No panic though, the countdown says you've got 15 minutes.

And brilliant -your 1-1 for 3.15 has been approved.

You are relieved, but still parched. The Kiosk scanner is really smart though. It sensed your dehydrated state, and had scanned the floors for a coffee vendor and miraculously found one which was still serving. It  pops up a message telling you its your lucky day, and coffee is still available in the lobby.

You kiss the Kiosk, and propose to it. It tells you its already taken, but not to worry -there the Kiosk in the rear of Level 2 is still available......