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Ability to add a label to each block of excluded text (disclaimers)

Created: 03 Jan 2013
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At present Clearwell permits up to 5 blocks of text to be excluded from the index.  However the user interface to do this makes is difficult to understand what text blocks you have added.

At per my previous request our organisation is made up of 19 companies and each company may have multiple disclaimers (different teams, etc). Due to the limit of 5 blocks of text it is very important that we know which disclaimers are being excluded. 

It would be much easier if when a block of text was added you could add a label to identify it: something like this:

Company1-Disclaimer-2010-2012: <actual text here>

Company1-Disclaimer-2009-2010: <actual text here>

Company2-Disclaimer-SalesTeam: <actual text here>

At present as the first few lines of each disclaimer are often similiar it is very difficult to manage!