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The Ability To Disable EV Shortcuts Deletion Prompts

Created: 13 May 2013 • Updated: 06 Aug 2013 | 1 comment
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Status: Reviewed


When the Outlook Behaviour - Shortcut Deletion in the Exchange Desktop Policy is set to Both Deleted:


When a user deletes an EV Shortcut or a folder contains EV Shortcuts via Outlook they get the following:

EV Shortcut


A folder conatins EV Shortcut(s)


If they use OWA then the warnings are more or less the same.

I understand that there are good reasons for the warnings above because when Yes is clicked it performs a hard delete, deleting the EV shortcuts in the user's mailbox and also the archived emails in the user's archive. This therefore, preventing (or reducing the chance of) users accidentally deleting their archived emails permenantly therefore preventing potentially data loss etc.

However, I would like is to have the ability to disable the warnings above both in Outlook and in OWA. I have around 12K+ users, the warnings above generates a lot of unnecessary Helpdesk calls.


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Thanks for the suggestion. We have no current plans to modify the behaviour of the client. This warning dialog was deemed necessary due to the nature of the deletion i.e. deletion of the archive item instead of just the shortcut. While user training may be necessary we felt that warning vs not warning was the best path to take.

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