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ability to set multiple standards for system comparisons

Created: 13 Jan 2012 • Updated: 14 May 2012 | 1 comment
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Status: In Review

Create capability to define multiple standard system configurations.


Rather than defining 1 standard configuration, someone may want to define a configuration standard for server to be deployed in different departments or different roles (and be able to lable it as below).

departments: Finance or Factory

roles: Web Server or Database Server

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Hello Michael,

This is a good suggestion.  We started with one just standard in order to get feedback on the usefulness of the functionality.  Sounds like it my be helpful...

What do other folks think?

Let me know If you aren't familiar with setting a configuration as a standard within SORT.  This is a pretty cool SORT feature that works in conjunction with the configuration drift feature.  Both of these functions allow you to identify an uploaded server configuration and compare other uploaded configurations to them.

For more information on these features, go to and enter 'setting standard configuration' in the help search box.


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