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Add the ability to use import numbers instead of DOCID when doing an image replace.

Created: 05 May 2014 • Updated: 01 Jul 2015 | 1 comment
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An issue may arise where a volume of images have to be replace from an already indexed tiff and text LFI (Load File Import).  The user has the import numbers associated with the images.  But the image replacement routine needs the DOCID's associated with the individual images.   This feature request, raised on behalf of a customer, would like to add the ability to use the import number instead of the DOCID when doing an image replacement. 

It is not easy to extract the right DOCID for each of the single page images that there is to replace.

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Actually,  Some times it would be helpful to get a metadata export based on import numbers (bates numbers)  rather than based on DOCID's.  In other words a metadata export with one row per import number (bates number).   The DOCID column would not be unique. 

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