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add how to remove VVR while volumes are mounted to VVR admin guide

Created: 30 Oct 2013 • Updated: 21 Mar 2014
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Status: On Roadmap

we use VVR for migration. 

once of the things you would want to do after the migration would be to remove the VVR setups 

and it can be done without any downtime. 

however, i had to dig here and there. couldn't find any procedure in any of the VVR documentation, certainly not in the VVR admin guide

the one technote i found was quite incorrect dated a few years ago. and it does not work.

as far as i can tell the procedure to remove the vvr setup while the volumes are mounted on the primary is:

1.) stop replication by force (as the volume is mounted) with vradmin

2.) delete all secondary with vradmin delsec 

3.) delete all primary by force with vradmin delsec

4.) remove dcm log for all volumes on both sec and primary

5.) remove srl volumes and remove the srl disk if neccessary

6.) remove /etc/hosts references for the primary and secondary

7.) remove  diskgroups references related to the rdg /etc/vx/vras/.rdg 

would be nice if these are in the admin guide.